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In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we're highlighting a few of our favorite female Makanai content creators and their 24K gold skincare routines.


From using gold leaf sheets and gold leaf-infused serums to achieve brighter, more radiant skin, to incorporating hydrating cleansers, toners, and moisturizers for a dewy complexion, #GoldenGirl worthy skin begins with our signature J-beauty products from Kanazawa.


Skincare Standard’s 24K Gold Glow-Enhancing Routine


Rachael of @skincarestandard walks us through her 24K gold facial, which results in well-hydrated, glowed-up skin. “This luminous DIY treatment is done by gently pressing the gold leaf onto skin, then massaging the serum until the gold penetrates and disappears,” she explains.


Try Rachael’s Routine:


Step 1.  Prep & Apply

After cleansing, apply the lotion toner generously on skin, leaving the face moist. Carefully remove the 24K Gold Perfector Sheet from the box. Apply by gently pressing the whole surface of the gold leaf side onto your skin. Delicately peel off the thin paper sheet; if the gold leaf tears a little, that is fine. Leave as is for about a minute.


Step 2.  Massage

With a pump or two of the Skin Jewel Oil Serum in your palms, gently massage over the 24K Gold Perfector Sheet in circular motions, until the gold disappears. This quick-absorbing gold beauty oil has a blend of 7 botanical oils, plus pure 24K gold leaf flakes from the Yoshitaka Gold Leaf Foundry in Kanazawa, Japan to improves skin elasticity and metabolism.


Step 3.  Perfect

To really seal in your glow and maximize this 24K gold treatment’s benefits, apply a steamed towel onto your skin for 20 seconds to further perfect.


Sarah Novio’s Makeup Prep Skincare Routine


Beauty content creator @sarah_novio wears a lot of makeup. Which is how she’s amassed 23K followers — by sharing her tutorials, helpful DIYs and beauty product reviews with the world. So how does she prep her skin to make sure it’s always camera ready? “Silky Radiant Pure Lotion Toner and Skin Jewel Oil Serum give me that ultimate glow,” she raves.


Try Sarah’s Routine:


Step 1.  Prep & Apply

On cleansed skin, add a dime-sized amount of toner either in the palm of your hand and pat onto face or directly onto a cotton pad and swipe over skin. Fortified with Licorice Root Extract to prevent melanin formation (270x better than vitamin C!), you’re left with super soft, baby smooth skin.


Step 2.  Massage

Follow up your toner with Skin Jewel Oil Serum and Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream to amplify hydrating benefits. 


Step 3.  Follow Up With Your Preferred Makeup Routine and Go!


Jessica Manning’s Dewy Skincare Routine 


@jessica_manning's morning routine gives her what she calls a “next-level dewy finish,” thanks to Clean Cleansing Cleanser, Silky Radiant Pure Lotion Toner, Skin Jewel Oil Serum and Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream.


Try Jessica’s Routine:


Step 1.  Cleanse

Apply 1 or 2 pumps of cleanser into the palm of your hand, then gently massage into your face. Work into heavier makeup areas with your fingers where needed, rinse off with  lukewarm water.  


Step 2.  Tone

Place a dime-sized amount of toner either in the palm of your hand and pat onto your face, or on a cotton pad and swipe over skin.  


Step 3.  Enlighten

After thoroughly hydrating with Silky Radiant Toning Pure Lotion, massage 1 or 2 pumps of Skin Jewel Oil Serum into the skin for instant nourishment and radiance. Bonus: Notes of sandalwood, rosemary and lime are designed to evoke a feeling of happiness.


Step  4.  Moisturize

Apply a pearl-sized amount of Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream and gently massage onto face. Formulated with Makanai’s exclusive KaESS Complex, soybeans harness the power of lecithin for moisture retention, while eggshell membranes contains 18 types of tissue fortifying amino acids, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and structural collagen to rehydrate and strengthen’s your skin’s natural barrier.


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