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Posted by Momoe Azama on

A new year is an opportunity for self-reflection, taking stock of our habits, our goals, our aspirations. What goals would you like to set for yourself this year? It may be to take up a hobby, or eat healthier, or spend more time with loved ones. For many of us, it may be as simple as taking better care of ourselves, including our skin.

Beautiful skin isn’t complicated. Yes, it’s part genetic, but it’s also about consistency and good habits. These very basic steps are easy enough to commit to, yet effective enough to see glowing results.

Hydrate – Put down the coffee (and the wine) and drink more water. Getting  your daily fill of water is necessary for keeping your skin healthy—at least eight glasses per day. The good news is that drinking more  water will improve your body’s health overall. Added bonus: skin will feel plumper, smoother and have more elasticity.

Rest—The notion of beauty sleep is real. Our sleep (or lack thereof) can be seen all over our face. Poor sleep can cause dark circles, swollen eyes, and even fine lines and wrinkles. A good night’s sleep can keep imperfections at bay better than any concealer.

Wash your face before bed—Every night, even when you’re tired. Our skin is subjected to makeup, environmental pollution and stressors throughout the day. Cleansing each night helps unclog pores and allows the  skin to recuperate while you sleep. Use a gentle cleanser that washes away impurities while replenishing the skin, such as Clean Cleansing milk cleanser.

Indulge in a mask—Give your skin some TLC at home with a face mask. A mask sits directly on the skin, which allows greater penetration of beneficial ingredients. During that time, your skin can absorb an intense dose of concentrated ingredients to address any concerns. To take your mask self-care to the next level, treat yourself to a Goldays 24K Gold Mask, made with 100% pure gold.

Protect from the sun—UV rays are extremely damaging to skin, causing discoloration and premature aging. Use a good sunscreen daily with an SPF of at least 30. For additional protection, invest in a hat with good coverage (it’s skincare, but make it fashion). 

Up your skincare game—Even if you currently invest a lot of thought and care into your skincare, you can set your sights on more specific goals to get that flawless look.

Goal: Minimize pores and refine skin texture.
A toner can be your skincare secret weapon. It unclogs pores and removes remaining traces of dirt, oil and makeup to prep the skin for moisturizer. Try Pure Botanical Charge Lotion Toner to soften  and refine with a curated  blend of ingredients.

Goal: Dewy, youthful skin.
A serum gives your skin that reflective, luminous glow. Try Skin Jewel Oil Serum to add radiance with a blend of botanical oils infused with 24K gold leaf flakes.

Goal: Softer, more hydrated skin.
A rich daily moisturizer is key to strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Try Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream for hydration that absorbs quickly while sealing in hydration.

No matter your goals for the new year, any time is a good time to take small steps for a better you. More water, more sleep, more self-care…it’s the stuff great skin is made of.


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