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All that glitters is gold this time of year — especially when it comes to luxury gold beauty treatments and skincare products. What to give the person who has everything on your list? The gift of Makanai Beauty 24K pure gold leaf, which is sourced from the ancient castle town of Kanazawa in Japan, and is world-renowned for its multiple skin renewing benefits.

Kanazawa’s name literally translates to ‘Gold Leaf Valley’ and it also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s been producing gold leaf since the 16th century.

With numerous gold skincare products and gold treatments to choose from in our luxury collection, the hardest person to shop for this season just got easier.

What is Gold Leaf?

“Goldbeating” is the process by which gold leaf sheets are made and the story behind how Makanai gold leaf sheets were formed is pretty remarkable. Women who worked in the Yoshitaka Gold-Ieaf Foundry dating back to 1899 were exposed to harsh working conditions (like intense heat, extreme dryness and minimal ventilation) while making gold leaves laboriously by hand. This involves intensely pounding solid gold interleaved between layers of paper into microscopically-thin 1/10,000 millimeter sheets.

While most would assume this artisan task would take a beating on the hands, it was quite the opposite. Over-exposure to a fermented paste used for making washi paper to place in between the gold sheets resulted in age-less hands because they were constantly touching gold. And that’s the science behind our skincare story to this day.

Best Gold Leaf Skincare Products

The purest form of gold leaf can be found at the Yoshitaka Gold Leaf workshop in Kanazawa, Japan. So pure in fact, it can even be used in food and cosmetic products. As for the best gold skincare gifts crafted from this precious metal, the most discerning of skincare enthusiasts would appreciate our GOLDDAYS 24K Gold Perfector Sheets, Skin Jewel Oil Serum, GOLDAYS 24K Gold Mask and GOLDAYS Gold Magic Glow Balm.

GOLDDAYS 24K Gold Perfector Sheets: Think of these delicate sheets as the ultimate gold facial. Pure Yoshitaka 24K Gold Leaf delivers brighter, beautifully glowing skin immediately and when coupled with our Skin Jewel Oil Serum and Gold Magic Glow Balm, the luminous results are magnified.

Skin Jewel Oil Serum: This 100% natural beauty oil is powered by 24K gold leaf flakes in a fast-absorbing, lightweight formula containing 7 botanical oils. Instantly hydrated, lit-from-within skin ensues upon application.

GOLDAYS 24K Gold Mask: Our highly-coveted 24K gold mask is for the self-care seekers who want an overall skin boost, along with refined skin texture, increased elasticity, and a glow so bright — you know it has to come from Kanazawa.

GOLDAYS Gold Magic Glow Balm: Enriched with Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil for long-lasting hydration, this concentrated salve is blended with pure 24K gold and silk powder to help plump up skin for a bouncy, baby-soft touch.

How to Apply Gold Leaf

Gold leaf has been used for centuries to treat wounds and burns when applied topically, and it’s also been proven to raise the skin’s temperature when is massaged into the epidermis. Praised for its brightening, hydrating and anti-aging effects, we consider gold leaf to be the holy grail ingredient in our brand’s DNA.

To apply our 24K Gold Leaf Perfector Sheets, we suggest the following ritual for a more radiant, glowed-up complexion:

Step 1.  Prep & Apply
After cleansing, apply the lotion toner generously on skin, leaving the face moist. Carefully remove the 24K Gold Perfector Sheet from the box. Apply by gently pressing the whole surface of the gold leaf side onto your skin. Delicately peel off the thin paper sheet; if the gold leaf tears a little, that’s fine. 

Step 2.  Massage
Leave as is for about a minute.
With a pump or two of the Skin Jewel Oil Serum or a pearl-size amount of the Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream in your palms, gently massage over the 24K Gold Perfector Sheet in circular motions, until the gold disappears.

Step 3.  Perfect
Apply a steamed towel onto your skin for 20 seconds to further perfect the glow.

Give the Gift of Gold

For anyone new to gold leaf skincare, our 24K Golden Couple Kit is the perfect introduction to this J-Beauty obsession. Featuring 4 GOLDAYS 24K Perfector Sheets and Skin Jewel Oil Serum, The 24K Golden Couple is youthful luminescence wrapped up with a bow.

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