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Gold Mask


100% Pure Gold Sheet Mask Treatment
For the ultimate in skin beauty luxury


Staying true to its origins at the Yoshitaka Gold Leaf workshop, this exquisite indulgence takes skin to the next level.

24K Gold Leaf helps improve elasticity and refine skin texture.

For all skin types. 


How To Use

Step 1. Prep

After Cleansing, apply the lotion toner generously on skin, leaving the face moist.

Step 2. Apply

Remove the 24K Gold Mask from the box, Apply by gently pressing the whole surface of the gold leaf side onto your skin. Delicately peel off the thin paper sheet, if the gold leaf tears a little, that is fine. 

Step 3. Massage

Leave as is for about a minute. With a pump or two of the Skin Jewel Oil Serum or a pearl-size amount of the Kanazawa Beauty Face Cream in your palms, gently massage over the 24K Gold Mask in circular motions, until the gold disappears.

Step 4. Perfect 

Apply a steamed towel onto your skin for 20 seconds to further perfect the glow.



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