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Posted by Momoe Azama on

After what seems like a never-ending winter, there’s never been a better time for spring cleaning your skincare routine. Out with the old, in it with the new—in the form of exfoliating konjac sponges, silky, moisturizing toners, lighter lotions and balms and of course, pure gold beauty products that promote youthful, brighter skin.


Dry, blustery months can take a beating on our skin, so hydrating + calming products are essential to hit the skin reset button.Toners with hyaluronic acid are a must, as are gold-flecked serums and glow balms to revitalize dull texture.


Below we’ve rounded up our favorite spring skincare must-haves (and a start-to-finish spring skincare routine) that will leave you with scale-free, baby soft skin just in time for warmer days.


Makanai’s Spring Skincare Routine

Exfoliating Konjac Sponge: After a harsh winter, dry chapped skin could use a good desloughing. Makanai’s 100% Natural Pure Konjac Cleansing Sponge gently exfoliates while stimulating blood flow, resulting in smoother, more refined texture after one use. Our root-based vegetable konjac hails from the Gunma Prefecture in Japan and comes in five clean fragrances: pearl, peach, peppermint, bamboo charcoal, and camellia oil to remove dirt and impurities without stripping your face of essential oils. How to use it:


1. Soak the sponge in water for 5 minutes until it expands to 1.5 times the original size.
2. Squeeze out excess water. Gently massage over the face and body in a circular motion.
3. After use, rinse it well and place it in the refrigerator in an air-tight container.


Moisturizing Silky Radiant Pure Lotion Toner: After exfoliating and prior to treatments, a few swipes of our softening toner will prep skin for maximum product absorption and offer an extra layer of hydration. It’s also enriched with Makanai’s exclusive KaESS Complex—a naturally fermented paste comprised of Persimmon ‘Kaki’ Leaves, Eggshell Membranes with 18 types of tissue fortifying amino acids and hyaluronic acid, plus soybeans for moisture retention, B-vitamins, and Vitamin E.


Nourishing 24K Gold Skin Jewel Oil Serum: Consider this luxurious oil a gold facial in a vial. Infused with 24K gold flakes, this silky, lightweight serum melts into skin with a non-greasy finish, immediately improving elasticity and metabolism. A cocktail of seven botanical oils (Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Squalane, Sesami Oil, Hybrid Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, and Coix Seed Oil) also give a lit-from-within, luminous glow. Apply two dime-sized pumps into your palms, before pressing and sealing the product into the skin. Bonus: Persimmon Leaf Extract contains 30x more rejuvenating Vitamin C than regular tangerines.


Glow-Enhancing Goldays Gold Magic Glow Balm: If spring has you swapping your rich face creams for lighter versions, Goldays is our bestselling gold treatment balm that provides moisture that lasts and lasts—without feeling too heavy on the skin. Pure 24K gold is coupled with Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil in this concentrated salve and a little goes a long way as far as application goes. Just apply to dry, cracked, or irritated skin anywhere on the body, including cuticles, heels, elbows, and lips. The multipurpose product also smells heavenly, thanks to Soothing Frankincense, Awakening Yuzu, and Camellia Blooms.



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